Use a Heat Pump To Lower Your Energy Bill

The American economy is booming, but people are still trying to save money wherever they can. There has also been a greater focus on sustainable living over the past five to 10 years. A two-bird-one-stone solution here is to try a heat pump installation. This sustainable energy source protects the environment while protecting your finances in the long run as well.


Heat pumps do not generate heat; they move it around. The earth tends to maintain a constant temperature throughout the year, regardless of the climate. Heat pumps help to draw this heat out of the earth and bring it into your home. There are also pumps that bring in the warmth from the air outside in more temperate climates.


Many people who install solar power in their homes are often dismayed to learn that solar struggles to run air conditioning units. The AC can deplete batteries quickly, especially in the winter and the summer. Because heat pumps require less power to run, solar panels can manage a heat pump installation a lot better than it does your HVAC system or a mini-split.


Some people do not use heat pumps on their own. Instead, heat pumps are part of their overall heating plan for the winter. Other components may include their furnace, a wood-burning oven or the HVAC system. Whatever the second option they decide to use, it will save on the cost of heating overall.


Many economists predict that another recession is around the bed. This could be true or it could be pessimism. Whatever the outcome, fossil fuel costs are almost sure to rise if this happens. Heat pumps, therefore, help to recession-proof your home, especially when used with solar panels.

There is a common misconception that geothermal energy can cool homes but cannot heat it. Heat pump installation debunks that myth while bringing heat from a sustainable source into your home.

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