6 Tips To Help You Hire Professionals for Air Conditioning Repair

When air conditioning breaks, many homeowners panic. After all, no one wants to wait out the summer in sweltering heat. If this happens to you, resist the temptation to hire the first independent repairman that pops up. Choose a high-quality A/C repair and installation company by following six tips:

1. Ask About Expertise

A company with many years in business likely has a good history of excellent service and high-quality repairs. Experienced professionals know how to fix issues the first time. Make sure to hire an expert that takes care of A/C repair and installation full time, not just as a hobby.

2. Check Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great source of information about the trustworthiness and service quality of local A/C repair companies. If possible, reach out to past customers over the phone or by email, just to inquire whether they’re satisfied.

3. Know Your Air Conditioner

Take the time to learn about your air conditioner’s brand. Make sure the company you plan to hire has experience with that specific brand.

4. Look for the Appropriate Certification and Insurance

Don’t settle for self-appointed repair technicians. They may seem cheaper, but they can make small problems worse and permanently damage your A/C’s compressor. Each member of a high-quality HVAC repair team should be professionally licensed and properly insured.

5. Require a Clear Work Estimate

There’s nothing wrong with requesting repair details in writing, including materials, labor, estimated time of completion, taxes and service guarantees. Ask about warranties for repairs performed.

6. Take Personal Preferences Into Account

If taking care of the environment is something you’re passionate about, you may also want to look for green repair services.

Having a working A/C feels great. So does knowing your air conditioner will last a long time thanks to professional A/C repair. Reliable repair companies usually handle both sides of the heating and air conditioning business, so they can perform HVAC installation, system inspections, maintenance and other services that make your unit last longer and perform better.