Water Purification Systems in Orange County, NY.

Ensuring you clean, clear, crystal water to protect your home and your health.

Removing contaminants from your water system not only allows from clean drinking water, but also reduces any potential health issue you may get from your water supply. We are experts in the installation and maintenance of water purification systems. If you think you may have a problem with your water, contact our team today. An expert will come to your home to decide on the best course of action.

Signs of a water problem

There are a number of signs that indicate a water problem. You may notice specific stains, buildup, or odor coming from your sinks, showers, or bathtubs. Not only can these contaminants cause problems for your health, but they can also damage pipes, fixtures, or appliances. Excessive minerals in water can also negatively affect your skin and hair. Some common stains include:

  • blue-green stain (water is acidic, which is reacting to your pipes)
  • red-orange stains (high levels of iron, can be causing pipes to rust)
  • brown-black stains (high levels of manganese, this can stain white clothing)
  • white buildup (water is full of calcium and magnesium, a.k.a. hard water)
  • rotten egg smell (water has hydrogen-sulfide).

All types of water purification services

Following inspection, we'll decide on the course of action to solve your water problem. We not only install new water purification systems (for your specific water problem), but also provide regular maintenance. If you think your system may be broken, don't hesitate to call us for a professional repair.



Water Purification Systems

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Drinking Water System
  • Water Softener System
  • Reverse Osmosis System
  • Iron Removal System
  • Acid Neutralizer System
  • Manganese Removal System
  • And more!
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Drinking Water System

Clean drinking water that is free of contaminants not only tastes much better, but also reduces the chance of health risk caused by water including lead, chlorine, rust, or other chemicals. We install the drinking water purification system underneath your sink, with a separate filter to treat your water. This type of system removes sediment, rust, chlorine, lead, and other chemicals.

The crystal salt for the system of filtration of water on a blue background

Water Softener System

A white buildup around your sinks, showers, and bathtubs is typically an indicator of excessive calcium and magnesium in your water supply. Although this doesn't pose health risks, this can sometimes be hard to remove, and can irritate your hair. We install a water softener system to filter the water from excess minerals. The water passes through the system, where the hardness is then removed.

Reverse osmosis water purification system at home. Installed water purification filters. Clear water concept

Reverse Osmosis System

If you have hard metals in your water, you may need a reverse osmosis system. This will remove all contaminants and heavy metals that may damage your health or your pipes. A reverse osmosis system will improve the taste, odor, and appearance of your water, and remove hard metals such as lead, iron, arsenic, mercury, and many more. This occurs by filtering your tap water through a membrane.

Dirty brown water running into a white sink. Looks very unhealthy,

Iron Removal System

Heavy levels of iron in your water supply can cause a significant risk to your health. This can not only lead to an odor and red-orange color, but also a distinct metallic taste. Water may also stain your clothes or appliances. As water travels through the iron removal system, the iron is transformed into a solid, which is then trapped inside the system, allowing clean water to flow out.

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Acid Neutralizer System

Acidic water implies your pH balance is too low and must be balanced to a neutral level. Left untreated, this can damage your pipes, fixtures, or appliances. Acidic water can also irritate your skin. A major indicator of acidic water is a blue-green stain around your faucet, shower, or bathtub. The acid neutralizer system safely combines calcium to balance the pH level back to neutral.

Home water filter softener system. Water purification and softening. Organization of water treatment in country house.Cylinder containers, sensors.

Manganese Removal System

Do you notice any brown-black stains around your plumbing? This may also be visible on clothing or dishwashers. Excessive manganese in water can also affect the taste and smell. When water passes through the manganese removal system, it will convert the manganese into a solid. This is then trapped in the system, and the clean water flows out. A water softener can also remove manganese in your water.

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