Packaged System and Split System air Conditioners: the Pros and Cons

When the summer months come with their hot temperatures, you do everything you can to find relief. You should be able to retreat into your home for cool air, but if your air conditioner is having issues, you could be in for a miserable time. You can bear to go this summer without a reliable AC system, so it’s essential you enlist a professional to inspect your unit. If you need an AC replacement, consider the benefits and drawbacks of packaged and split systems.

Packaged System Pros

You know going into an HVAC project that you’re going to spend some money. However, you’ll love the fact a packaged system costs less to install because it’s an easier job. The refrigerant is also ready to go as soon as you get the packaged system, so you shouldn’t have to worry about efficiency issues. The unit is also smaller, so it’s easy to fit it in confined spaces. 

Packaged System Cons

Though you don’t have to charge this system when it arrives, it’s not as efficient as other options you can look at when you need an AC replacement. It also has a greater potential for damage because the controls are outside. 

Split System Pros

It’s a good idea to go with a split system replacement if you’re concerned about efficiency. This style can save you money in the long run. It’s also easy to control and operate this system, even if you’ve never had it before. 

Split System Cons

Be aware that this system requires a more significant financial commitment. It involves some expert labor, which will raise costs. Also, this system doesn’t come to you charged. 

When you need an AC replacement to stay cool, consider these two options. As you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of both, you should be able to make the right choice for your home.